My name is Marcie Quigley; I'm the breeder/owner of Schwarzberg Rottweilers. We are located in the beautiful farm country of south central Ohio. I have been involved with Rottweilers since 1991. I first fell in love with these magnificent animals as a young teenager. I was introduced to them through a friend of my mothers. I was able to see up close just how intelligent, loyal and absolutely gorgeous Rottweilers are. I was completely blown away by these wonderful creatures and made up my mind at the age of 13 that Rottweilers were going to be a part of my life; little did I know that they would eventually be my life.

Marcie and the Beautiful Rottweiler, Roxie that started it all!
Sept. 23, 1991 - Aug. 23, 2003

I have spent many years learning everything I could possibly learn about the breed. I have searched long and hard for just the right dogs to bring into my breeding program. I am proud to say that I now have some of the finest German bloodlines to reproduce the total Rottweiler; the Rottweiler with brains, beauty and working ability.

I would like to take the time to give a very special thank you to my parents who allowed me to move back home with them when I divorced and build on my dreams of being a breeder and producing the best Rottweilers I can possibly produce. They are not only my parents but my very special friends who have given me more support than I ever could have hoped for. I would also like to thank my other very special friends, Bianca and Allen Stewart who have been very instrumental in helping me to build my foundation of excellent dogs and helping me in every way they can. Without family and friends we are nothing. Most of all I want to thank God who has made all of this possible for me. He has bestowed many blessings upon me; not only do I have wonderful dogs in my life, but I now have the best husband in the world, a beautiful daughter and wonderful stepson to share all of this with.