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This litter does not belong to us, but we will be assisting with the sales.  Contact Kevin Owen at (614) 420-4170 for more information and pricing.

China has been bred to Jagger.  Puppies were born November 27th.  There are 4 males and 2 females available. These babies have excellent temperaments, gorgeous conformation and very dark mahogany markings with some black mudding. For pedigree information click on China and Jagger's pictures above. These puppies are outstanding, get yours while a few are still available.







Dexter is offered for sale to a great

pet or working home.  He is 16 months old.  He is a very sweet and affectionate boy.  He loves other dogs his size, not sure about smaller dogs.  He doesn't act like he would be bad with smaller dogs, but he has never been around them, so i'm not sure how he would react.  Not sure about cats either.  He doesn't act like he wants to go after cats, but there again, he has never been around them. He is great with kids, but needs older kids do to his energy level.  He is a talker, so people tend to be intimidated by him, but he is not mean in any way.  He's a very good dog, but will need someone who is not easily intimidated because of his talking.  He is super smart and would quickly train anyone who he thinks he can intimidate.  He does know some tricks; one being under arrest.  You knock on the wall and tell him he's under arrest and he will jump up and put his paws on the wall. He rolls over and just loves any attention that he can get.  There really isn't a mean bone in this dogs body.  He is a very fun dog to be around.  He was bred by a friend of mine and he came back to her due to family issues. I am boarding him and trying to help her find him a forever loving home.  I would keep him myself, but I just don't have the room right now, and he's way to smart and fun to be with to be a kennel dog. He is a son to our male Muck Vom Vollenhaus.  His mother is a daughter to our male Jagger and our girl Rozzie. The price for Dexter is $1200.  If intersted you can call me at (937) 685-2132, or his breeder Sharon at (937) 661-1437. 

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Libby will be bred to Jagger sometime around April or May.  Puppies should be ready sometime in August. We expect gorgeous conformation, outstanding temperaments and lots of working drive. These babies will make great family dogs and/or working dogs.  These will not be lazy dogs, as Libby has alot of energy and tends to pass that energy along to her puppies. We do have a waiting list started already for this litter, so early reservations are a must.  Click on Libby and Jagger's pictures for pedigree information or visit their individual pages for more info on each dog. To make reservations or to make an appointment to come visit us please call (937) 685-2132.







Female rottweiler puppy

At Schwarzberg Rottweilers, we raise our puppies in the best possible environment for physical and emotional development. Our Rottweiler Puppies are raised and socialized with both people and other animals. All Schwarzberg puppies are exposed to a wide variety of experiences before their departure to their new families. We do not allow potential buyers to choose their own puppies. Each Rottweiler Puppy is evaluated and homes are selected based the personality of the puppy and our knowledge of your needs. Schwarzberg Rottweiler pups are sold on contract only.  We offer health guarantees up to 24 months of age.  In addition, all pet quality puppies are sold with a limited AKC registration (Non-Breedable).

Download a copy of our Sales Contract/Health Guarantee

  If you would like further information about our dogs or our breeding program, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at (937) 685-2132.



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